Monday, December 23, 2013

Pieced Flower Basket quilt block

Pieced Flower Basket
July 23, 1933-"No matter how many quilts she had, on the announcement of her engagement she and the most skillful of her friends began to make two more, one the Album, the other the Pieced Flower Basket," explains Nancy Cabot in reference to girls living in colonial days.

What a fun tradition that would have been!

Nancy went on to say, "The Pieced Flower Basket is a rarely successful combination of a geometrical and a floral design."

She felt it was a simple quilt to make and that "it's gay effectiveness is gained through the use of bright but harmonious colors."

Even though Nancy Cabot felt every colonial girl made this quilt, I have not been able to find a pattern or quilt that looks like her design.  Baskets of flowers are a common quilt theme though so maybe she's referring to the general idea not necessarily her block design.

There is a very similar design available in Electric Quilt's Blockbase  program as #691 for those of you that have that program.

I did not make this block because I don't think it's a good choice for a 6" block.  The squares would be less than 1".

Tomorrow-Missouri Star

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