Monday, December 30, 2013

Dutch Tulip quilt block

Dutch Tulip
July 30, 1933-The Dutch Tulip quilt pattern "originated in Kinderhook, a settlement of Hollanders in New York- the tulip always has been associated with Dutch tradition" explained Nancy Cabot when introducing her pattern in the Chicago Tribune.

The Dutch Tulip design dates back to 1816 and has also been known as Tulip Tree, "which does not seem to suit it as well," she wrote.

Her pattern sold for "5 cents in stamps or coin."

Nancy suggested the use of "bright, glowing tulip shades and soft green for the stems" when choosing fabrics for this block.

I wasn't able to find a pattern or quilt that looks like Nancy Cabot's Dutch Tulip design.  I did find this antique quilt at Buckboard Quilts which is similar.

Tomorrow-Sunbeam Block

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