Friday, December 6, 2013

Bowl of Flowers quilt block

Bowl of Flowers
July 6,1933-"This "Bowl of Flowers" will help to satisfy the constant and growing demand for floral quilt patterns,"  wrote Nancy Cabot when introducing her Bowl of Flowers quilt pattern in the Chicago Tribune.

She suggested, "The bowl might be made of two shades of blue, the flowers of yellow or rose-pink, and the leaves of green on a natural background. Or the flowers might be cut of yellow fabric, the bowl of green, and the leaves of a darker tone, stitched on a foundation of delicate yellow."  I went with her first suggestion when drawing my block.

The original Bowl of Flowers pattern by Nancy Cabot can be seen here.  Since this is an applique pattern, I did not make it.  In the pattern she shows setting the block on point but in her newspaper column, she shows it like I have it drawn above.

A quilt made according to her pattern might look like this- .

Though I did not find any quilts made from Nancy's Bowl of Flowers pattern, I did find this one that is similar and quite interesting to me.  The quilter used an unusual color scheme of green and pink.

Tomorrow-Flying Squares

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