Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Providence quilt block

July 3, 1933-The Providence quilt pattern had never before been printed according to Nancy Cabot.  She explained the design of the Providence quilt block like this- "The white center represents the city of Providence, RI; the white pointing outward, the road of the pioneers to the west; the shaded triangles, the new and unknown west toward which they were striving; the dark blocks pointing to the center, the return home of the disappointed travelers; and the small triangles of dark material next to the white center, the remorse felt by the weary citizens of the city of Providence after their forced return."

A copy of Nancy's Providence quilt pattern can be seen here.  There are instructions to make a 12" block here and Quilter's Cache has a pattern available using a 10" block that makes a quilt that looks like this-

The Providence block can also be found in Electric Quilt's Blockbase  program as #2920.

Since this is a 5 patch block and I am making 6" blocks, I decided to paper piece my Providence block.  Rotary cutting would be difficult because each section of the block needs to finish at 1 1/5"! Rulers are not designed to cut to the fifth of an inch.  Templates would work but that's alot more cutting than I have with paper piecing.  You can download my pattern here.

These are the paper pieced sections below.  Kind of strange pieces buy they fit together perfectly.

Tomorrow-Star of Many Points

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