Saturday, December 14, 2013

Black Beauty quilt block

Black Beauty
July 14, 1933-Nancy Cabot wrote, "Black Beauty is an old pattern, often exhibited in antique collections, but the history of the design seems to have been lost, or is at least hidden in obscurity."

That's all she had to say about her Black Beauty quilt pattern.

I was not able to find any antique quilts made using this block but I found a copy one of Nancy's patterns called Blackford's Beauty that is the same pattern as Black Beauty.

She sold the pattern in the Chicago Tribune again on April 19, 1934 but changed the name.  You can view the pattern here.

Finally, a block that can be rotary cut!  There are just two basic parts to the block.  The sections go together as shown below from left to right-

To make the corner blocks, you need three 1 1/4" white squares and two 1 1/4" blue squares.  You also need two 1 1/4" X 2" green pieces.  So, you need all those pieces times four since there are four corners.

To make the centers of each side, you need the parts on the bottom row of the photo. You need two 1 1/4" X 2 3/4" strips of white, two 1 1/4" squares of green and two 1 1/4" squares of pink. Again, you need four of everything-one for each side. A 2" pink square is also needed for the center of the block.

The parts are then assembled into rows like this. The bottom row is shown sewn together.

The Black Beauty quilt block can be found in Electric Quilt's Blockbase  program as #1983a.

I found this free Black Beauty quilt pattern at ludlow quilt and sew-

Tomorrow-Pansy block

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