Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rose Point quilt block

Rose Point
September 20, 1933-"From the hills of Kentucky comes "Rose Point," and a great favorite it is in its mountain home, as well as in other states that have adopted it."  This was Nancy Cabot's introduction of her pattern featuring the Rose Point quilt block.

Nancy mentions that "in keeping with the name it should be pieced in shades of rose."

She however suggests, "Don't be bound by tradition. Certain combinations of green and yellow would make a beautiful block."  She mentions green and yellow as a combination several times this month. I wonder if that was a popular color scheme in the 1930's or just a favorite of Nancy Cabot's?

This is another applique block that I did not make for my sampler.

The Rose Point quilt block is similar to the Linked Diamonds quilt block that Nancy Cabot published on  July 1, 1933.

A quilt using the Rose Point quilt block might look like this-

Tomorrow-Pieced Bouquet

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