Monday, February 24, 2014

Yellow Rose quilt block

Yellow Rose 
September 24, 1933-The Yellow Rose quilt pattern published today by Nancy Cabot was one of the prize winners at the Sears National Quilt Contest of 1933.

Carrie Walker of Selma, CA won second place in the Los Angeles region. It is not known what happened to her quilt and I have not been able to find any additional information or even a picture of her Yellow Rose quilt.

Nancy had this to say about the Yellow Rose design, "Two shades of yellow will make the rose itself assume realistic proportions, and green is used for the buds. The little "feathery" antennae are embroidered." This is the first time she has mentioned embroidery in her patterns even though some of her designs certainly look like the have added embroidery details.

The vine was to be made of "green with just the tiny tips of the buds cut of yellow-the same yellow as the rose." Another yellow and green quilt!

Nancy actually shows this block with the border that was to be used as part of her pattern. I didn't draw the border for my block but you can view Nancy's Yellow Rose and Border pattern here.

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