Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Horn of Plenty quilt block

Horn of Plenty
September 4, 1933-Nancy Cabot's Chicago Tribune column featured the Horn of Plenty quilt block on this day.

There is a copy of what I would consider a "real" Nancy Cabot Horn of Plenty pattern here. I say this because at the top of the pattern is the exact wording she printed in her newspaper article.

Nancy says her Horn of Plenty block is from colonial days and distinguishes itself from newer versions by having both fruit and flowers in it.

She recommended a "soft old ivory material for the background to produce that "mellowed with age" effect and to set off the purple grapes, deep green leaves and pastel flowers.

I was not able to find any quilts made using Nancy Cabot's Horn of Plenty block but here's what a quilt might look like using her pattern-

Tomorrow-Egyptian Tulip

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