Friday, February 21, 2014

Pieced Bouquet quilt block

Pieced Bouquet
September 21, 1933-Quilts Go Modern with Futuristic Pattern Motif is the title of Nancy Cabot's column today introducing the Pieced Bouquet quilt pattern.

"The Pieced Bouquet," a pattern with a definitely modernistic air, is presented as one of the latest additions to quiltdom," she wrote.

The nine patch center of the block was to be "varied by the use of different colors and kinds of prints" but the border was to be "made of strips of green and yellow materials," Nancy explained. More green and yellow!

Two copies of Nancy Cabot's Pieced Bouquet pattern can be seen here. One is even in color!

This is not a hard block to make. The small nine patch block is made from 1 1/2" squares. The rest of the pieces are cut from templates. You can download my pattern here. The basic parts of the block look like this-

There is an interesting antique Pieced Bouquet quilt here.

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