Monday, February 3, 2014

Martha's Vineyard quilt block

Martha's Vineyard
September 3, 1933-Martha's Vineyard is the name of Nancy Cabot's quilt block today. It's an applique pattern of grapes, leaves and vines as one might expect from the name.

Nancy felt that the Martha's Vineyard quilt block had been "enjoying a revival" during the early 1930's.  She felt this was in part due to the new availability of "materials in fast colors suitable for the design."

She further explained that "stores have quantities of fabrics of fast dye and in rich shades of purple and lavender."

She suggested the Martha's Vineyard design be made as such, "Purple grapes dangling from dark green vines on a pale green background-such a color scheme is reason enough for a renewed and, we hope, a permanent popularity." Notice I followed her suggestion in my block?

I used the drawing right out of Electric Quilt's Classic Applique: 1920's and 1930's Blocks CD for my block example today. I don't believe this CD is available any more. It is called Grape Vineyard on the CD if you happen to have it.

This block is only slightly different than Nancy's block. She has four leaves on each vine and she does not show the vines connecting from one block to another. Her patterns have not always followed her newspaper drawings though. Since I can't find an original Nancy Cabot pattern, I'm not sure how she intended the blocks to connect. I did find a Martha's Vineyard quilt pattern on another Mountain Mist batting wrapper though!

There are a couple of examples of Martha's Vineyard quilts here and here that look like the block I have shown above.

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