Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Egyptian Tulip quilt block

Egyptian Tulip
September 5, 1933-"The "Egyptian Tulip" is an authentic reproduction of the pattern of a genuine old Egyptian tapestry" wrote Nancy Cabot about the Egyptian Tulip quilt block she was introducing. I think this is a very modern looking block even today!

She noted to be pieced correctly, the Egyptian Tulip quilt block should be made from "oriental green and yellows" according to the original pattern.

Nancy also explained, "The pattern of the design, when you get it, will designate exactly how these pieces shall be cut and from what materials." This is the first time she has actually talked about one of her patterns except for saying to "send 5 cents in stamp or coin" to her at the Chicago Tribune to purchase one.

Unfortunately, I can not find any additional information on this block. I am only guessing on the color placement on my drawing above.

Tomorrow-President's Wreath

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