Sunday, February 23, 2014

Meadow Daisy quilt block

Meadow Daisy
September 23, 1933-The Meadow Daisy quilt block design introduced today is from Kentucky and 1820 according to Nancy Cabot.

She notes that yellow print fabrics were originally used for the daisies with plain green leaves.

"It would be equally attractive if the plan were reversed and the daisy petals pieced with plain yellow or gold materials, and the flower centers made of a brownish print," Nancy suggested.

I tried to follow her recommendation in my drawing of her Meadow Daisy quilt block. Since it is an applique pattern, I didn't make a block for my sampler.

There is a quilt block pattern for the Meadow Daisy that is said to be Nancy Cabot's pattern here. It is the same basic block but the proportions are very different from the drawing she had in her Chicago Tribune column. The leaves are more of a focal point and the flowers are much smaller.

Her newspaper column from this day is not printed on the pattern like we have seen in other patterns by her unless she published this pattern more than once.  This pattern suggests the daisies be made from orange, brown and green fabrics! Here's what a quilt made following this Meadow Daisy pattern might look like-

Tomorrow-Yellow Rose

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