Friday, February 14, 2014

Baby Rose quilt block

Baby Rose
September 12, 1933-"The delicate pink of the fragile wild rose and the daintiness and smallness of the block itself, make "Baby Rose" the ideal pattern for a pieced coverlet or spread for the baby's or small child's bed" wrote Nancy Cabot when presenting the pattern for her quilt using the Baby Rose block.

This is another floral applique block which there seems to have been an abundance of lately!

Nancy suggested "panels of light, light yellow, green or blue to join the squares" would "add even more charm." I don't know what she is referring to here. Sashing?

There is a tracing of Nancy's applique pattern to view here. It doesn't appear to me to be the whole pattern because usually her newspaper article is written right on the pattern.

I have not been able to find any quilts using the Baby Rose quilt block.

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