Sunday, February 2, 2014

Harrison Rose quilt block

Harrison Rose
September 2, 1933-Popular Quilt Honors Former Head of Nation was the title of Nancy Cabot's column today introducing the Harrison Rose quilt block. She wrote, "Here is a rose which immortalizes the American statesman-Benjamin Harrison."

Nancy states that the "Harrison Rose quilt design has always been a popular one with quilters all over the country, but it is especially popular in Indiana, naturally enough."  She is referring to the fact that Benjamin Harrison, our 23rd president is from Indiana.

I am lucky enough to have found a copy of Nancy Cabot's original Harrison Rose quilt pattern here. It is again an applique pattern so I will not be making it.

If you made the quilt according to her pattern, it would have ten 18" blocks set with ten plain white blocks. The border would be 6" wide and made of rose, pink and green fabrics and the binding would be green. It would look something like this-

There is another great example of the Harrison Rose quilt block pattern printed on the back of a Mountain Mist batting wrapper here. Just like yesterday's quilt!

You can look at an antique Harrison Rose quilt here. It is a little different than Nancy Cabot's version but very pretty.

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