Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tea Rose quilt block

Tea Rose
September 10, 1933-Nancy Cabot's quilt block today is the beautiful appliqued Tea Rose design.

The Tea Rose quilt won first place in the Minneapolis region of the 1933 Sears Quilt Contest. It was made by Minnie Gau and a pattern for it was included in a book entitled Sears Century of Progress in Quilt Making after the contest ended.

A copy of the Tea Rose pattern from the Sears book can be seen here. The blocks finish at 24" and there are only nine blocks to the quilt. The fancy appliqued border is 10" wide.

A black and white photo of the prize winning Tea Rose quilt by Minnie Gau can be seen here. It is the only known photo in existence as far as I can tell.

When Nancy Cabot wrote about this block in her Chicago Tribune column she mentions that it won a blue ribbon recently but not where. She also mentioned that the Tea Rose pattern was known as Roses and Carnations in earlier history and that that history is "hazy."

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