Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Martha Washington Rose quilt block

Martha Washington Rose
September 19, 1933-The Martha Washington Rose quilt was designed to honor our first First Lady.

Nancy Cabot explained that the "original example of this design was made in yellow prints. You might modernize it a bit by piecing it of plain colored materials."

That could be said about today too. Many of today's modern quilts have a white background and use solid fabrics like quilts made during the thirties.

The border of this quilt was made of the same blocks according to Nancy's article.

Though I can not find a copy of Nancy Cabot's Martha Washington Rose quilt pattern or any quilts made from the pattern, I did find this Martha Washington Rose quilt pattern from The Progressive Farmer that looks very much like Nancy's newspaper drawing. Nancy only shows one leaf but that appears to be the only difference.

Tomorrow-Rose Point

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