Friday, September 20, 2013

Wild Goose Chase quilt block

Wild Goose Chase
May 21, 1933-The Wild Goose Chase block originated in the New England states in early colonial days according to Nancy Cabot when she wrote about this block eighty years ago in the Chicago Tribune.  She mentions again that "triangles are the popular symbol of bird designs."

"Any one who has noticed the flight of wild geese will recognize instantly the inspiration back of this design" she wrote.  Her pattern for the Wild Goose Chase quilt sold for "5 cents in stamps or coin."

I like the graphic look of this block.  I paper pieced my 6" block and you can download the pattern here.

Here are the pieces of the pattern and how they go together-

For Electric Quilt owners, the block can be found as Wild Goose Chase or as #2906 in Blockbase.

There's an old pattern at The Quilt Index.  It's image #4.

I love this vintage quilt with the color placement reversed though this quilt would be called an Odd Fellows Cross quilt by Nancy Cabot.

And this very scrappy quilt with the zigzag set.

There's a version with signatures here and a scrappy version with stars here.

Tomorrow-Dahlia Wreath

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