Sunday, February 3, 2013

Odd Fellows Cross quilt block

Odd Fellows Cross quilt block
February 3, 1933-"Color Scheme is Blue and White for this Quilt" was the title of the quilt pattern of the day for Nancy Cabot in her Chicago Daily Tribune column.

It is called Odd Fellows' Cross as "an honor to the lodge."  She says the color scheme "should be blue and white if your husband is a loyal Odd Fellow."

Though the block is made mostly of flying geese units, I found it easier to paper piece it to make a 6" finished block.  The "geese" are an odd width in this size of block.

You can download the pattern here.  It has 3 pieces only and goes together quickly.

The block construction is the same as as used in the Kentucky Cross Roads block.

Odd Fellows Cross pattern pieces
The 3 pieces are pieced and sewn together diagonally.

This block can be found in the Electric Quilt and BlockBase programs as #2902.

Tomorrow- Rob Peter to Pay Paul

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