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Rob Peter to Pay Paul quilt block

Rob Peter to Pay Paul quilt block
February 4, 1933- Rob Peter to Pay Paul was the quilt block Nancy Cabot introduced that day.  She noted that it wasn't really a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul because you have seam allowances to account for so "it is all robbing and no paying."  The block does however give the effect of using the scraps from one block to make the next.

There are only 2 different pieces to this pattern which you can find here.  This block has four sections, two each of alternating colors.

how to mark your blocks for piecing
 I found it necessary, for me, to mark the intersection of the seams at the corners on all pieces as shown below.  It makes it much easier to line up the curves.

This block is a little tricky, but not impossible, to machine stitch the small curves of the 3" finished block which is one-fourth of the 6" finished block.  You need to use a lot of pins as shown below.

You also need to clip the curve of the center piece to fit the side pieces and sew with the center on top of the smaller piece.

One side of center pinned

Maybe it would be faster to hand piece it?  It could be constructed with the method I used on my Snowball block also.

This block can be found in the Electric Quilt and BlockBase programs as #1519c.

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