Friday, February 1, 2013

Windmill quilt block

Windmill quilt block
February 1, 1933-"Windmill" Quilt Is as Popular Today as Ever."  I think this headline could have been written today!  It's very hard to trace it's origin because of it's popularity Nancy says.

The Windmill quilt block is very easy to make.

For a 6" finished block you need-

2 squares of print fabric-3 7/8"
1 square of color #1-4 1/4"
1 square of color #2-4 1/4"

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Cut the squares on the diagonal as shown in Figure 1.

Rearrange the green square and the white square as shown in figure 2 and sew a seam on the short side at the middle.

You will have 4 units as shown in Figure 3.
Figure 4

Sew a large triangle to the units from Figure 3.
You will have 4 identical units as shown in Figure 4.

Arrange these four blocks following the completed block shown above to complete your Windmill block!

Windmill quilt block-reversed

I found this block, at the right, in a bag of vintage fabric that I bought the other day at a thrift shop!  It is hand pieced.  Notice that the pieces are reversed.

I made the block below without paying attention to my fabric choices. Nancy Cabot used a print in the large triangle and I used a solid. Though it is technically the same block, it looks quite different and does not reflect the look she was showing.

Windmill quilt block

I have wondered what Nancy Cabot's patterns were like. What were people getting for their 5 cents in stamp or coin?  Well, much to my astonishment, I found and purchased this very pattern by Nancy Cabot on e-bay last night.  I'll show you what it looks like when I get it!

Block for tomorrow-Snowball  but probably not what you're expecting

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