Monday, February 18, 2013

Birds in the Air quilt block

Birds in the Air
February 18, 1933- "Birds in the Air", in flight formation, represents one of the first "bird" quilt designs as so many of the triangular patterns were termed" wrote Nancy Cabot to introduce the block of the day.

She said those wanting to make the quilt should make it in two colors and "let all the birds fly in the same direction."  Birds in the Air is still a very popular quilt block pattern to this day!

The pattern can be found in Electric Quilt's BlockBase program as #1322 but it needs to be rotated 270 degrees for the birds to be flying the same direction as Nancy's.

This is a very easy block to make even at the 6 inch size I made.  You create 4 identical sections first.  Here is how each section goes together-

To make a 6 inch finished block, you need-

2- 3 7/8" squares of yellow cut across diagonal
12- half square triangles that finish at 1"
6- 1 7/8" squares of green cut across diagonal

(I'm referring to green and yellow only to help you understand the fabric's location in my block.)

To make my half squares triangles, I drew a grid on paper and sewed them all at once.  You can download a copy here.

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