Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Swastika quilt block

February 27, 1933-Nancy Cabot tells her Chicago Tribune readers to stitch a Swastika quilt "just for good luck." She says the symbol is much older than the quilt pattern derived from it and that it is typically pieced in red and white.

Though I think it would be stunning in red and white, I decided I wanted mine to be more fun.

The flowered print is a feedsack fabric and the dot fabric is supposed to be a 1930's reproduction fabric.

If you look at the block carefully, you can see that it can be made from eight flying geese units, four each of the two units shown at the left in the photo below.  The photo on the right shows one of each unit sewn together to make one-fourth of the block. You need to make four units exactly the same and rotate them to create the Swastika pattern.

To make a six inch finished block like I did, you make flying geese that finish at 1 1/2" X 3".  I used the Quilt in a Day flying geese ruler to make mine.  To make geese with this ruler , you start out with a 6" square and a 4 1/2" and end up with four geese all alike.  I love this ruler!

This is a super simple, fun block!  It can be found in Electric Quilt's BlockBase as #1339b.

Tomorrow- Improved Nine Patch

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  1. I've just bought a sampler quilt made in 1937 and there is a swastika block in it. I would have thought it would be out of favour by 1937 (it is in the bottom corner...)