Friday, February 22, 2013

Log Cabin quilt block

February 22, 1933-Nancy Cabot presented one of the oldest quilt blocks known, the Log Cabin, which is still very popular today. I have never seen it pieced like this before and think it would be crazy to try to make a 6" block!

I wonder why she shows the block with four sections? Notice the cornerstone in the middle though? To me, that means sashing between blocks. Today, we would think of one of those sections as a block.

Nancy tells us that this block was originally made from silks and wool and was not quilted!

"With a slight variation in the way the blocks are set together, it may become, at your will, "Sunshine and Shadow", "Barn Raising", "Cabin Home" and many others" she wrote in the Chicago Tribune on this day eighty years ago.

Tomorrow- Weather Vane with a pattern!

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