Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fox and Geese quilt block

Fox and Geese quilt block
February 20, 1933-Fox and Geese was the quilt pattern of the day for Nancy Cabot's column in the Chicago Tribune.  She reminds us that triangles have long been the symbol for birds in quilt patterns.

Different sizes of triangles and their arrangement make up the different quilt block patterns.  Of this block she says,"a mighty stretch of the imagination will label the larger triangles Reynard the Fox."

The block was also known then as Hen and Chickens.

To get templates for this pattern, go here.  This block can be found in Electric Quilt's BlockBase program as #1859b.

This is another of those blocks that has odd dimensions when made at the 6" size.  It is easily made with templates or paper pieced.  Use whichever method you prefer or your fabric scraps allow.  I used templates to make my 6" block.  I printed them on freezer paper which is the method I like best.  You can iron and re-iron the templates to your fabric to cut multiple pieces or even stack up your layers and cut several at once.

This is how I put my block together-

Tomorrow-Grandma's Fan

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