Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dahlia Wreath quilt block

Dahlia Wreath
May 23, 1933-"The "Dahlia Wreath" might properly be dubbed the economy or depression quilt, since it affords an opportunity for the thrifty quilter to use up the many scraps which have been left over from other quilting bees" wrote Nancy Cabot when introducing the Dahlia Wreath quilt pattern in her Chicago Tribune column eighty years ago.

"Each block may be pieced of a different color, or each bloom on the wreath may be cut from a different print." she recommended.

A copy of her original pattern can be viewed here.  I don't think it's the exact pattern that was sold if you ordered it on this day because it does not have today's column typed on it.  She must have posted it again sometime later and this would be the pattern sold on that day.

Notice that she says you can use bias tape for the wreath.  The pieces are to be appliqued to a 14" square of white fabric.  There are 30 blocks in her pattern and they are bordered with an 8" border made from two shades of green.  It might look like this-

Dahlia Wreath quilt

A copy of Nancy Cabot's Dahlia Wreath pattern scaled to 6" can be found here.  Don't forget to add a seam allowance if turning under your edges when appliqueing.

A similar quilt can be seen at the Quilt Index.

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