Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Reel quilt block

Reel or Order No. 11
May 11, 1933-The Reel quilt block originated in Kinderhook, New York and was named for "the reel on which yarn was wound for the old spinning wheel" wrote Nancy Cabot.

It was also known as Order No. 11 which has an interesting story behind it. Nancy tells the story like this, "During the Civil War when orders were given to evacuate a town near Chattanooga, directly in the path of an advancing Union army, a southern housewife hastily snatched this unfinished quilt from the frame and buried it in the family silver and other heirlooms.  Many years later, when the treasure was unearthed, the name of the quilt pattern could not be established for a time, and it was rechristened "Order No. 11," the military order for evacuation"

There is a copy of Nancy's original pattern here.  You can download a copy of the pattern scaled down to a 6" block here. The block is an applique block which I made even though I haven't been making the applique blocks lately.  I just fused the pieces in place to see how they fit.  I don't know exactly how they are supposed to fit because the pattern gives you the pieces but not any instruction on how to put the pieces together.  There's some room for interpretation!

The original pattern says to use yellow fabric with either peach or brown fabric and a white background. The quilt is to be made of fifty six 12" blocks-all pieced.

There's an antique quilt shown here and another here.

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