Saturday, September 14, 2013

Swing in the Center quilt block

Swing in the Center
May 15, 1933-The Swing in the Center quilt block got it's name from a call in square dancing-"Swing the ladies in the center, gents promenade."  Nancy Cabot felt this block, "when pieced, will be found to be an unusually beautiful design."  The block is also called Turkey in the Straw.

An antique quilt made like Nancy Cabot's block can be seen here.

The block can be found in Electric Quilt's BlockBase program as #2782.

I made my 6" block from templates which can be found here.

I put it together like this-

TIP-Mark the sides if the diamond that need to be sewn together in some manner so you don't sew the wrong edges together.  The diamonds are not symmetrical so are easy to turn the wrong way.

This Swing in the Center quilt block is in the Spencer Museum of Art and is from the early 1900's.  Notice that the corners are made differently.  I like the idea of using a flying geese unit at the middle of the sides also.

                                                 Swing-in-the-Center quilt block


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