Monday, September 30, 2013

True Lover's Knot quilt block

True Lover's Knot
June 1, 1933-True Lover's Knot was also known as True Lover's Chain in 1933 according to Nancy Cabot in her Chicago Tribune column. Today, it is more commonly known as a melon block.  It is also called an orange peel design.

This allover design is made "with a few magic twirls of the compass" Nancy wrote.  When the blocks are set together they form "an endless chain of interlacing circles."

Nancy said this design dated back to Virginia and early colonial days even though some were proclaiming it was "modern."

I did not make this block because I don't think it's a good one for a sampler quilt.  Like the Double Irish Chain design, it's an overall design that loses it's effect when you have just one block.

Here's a more modern variation of the True Lover's Knot design at Pitter Putter Stitch-

To see an antique two color version, click here.  To see an antique version used to raise money for a church, click here.  There are 196 names on the quilt and it cost 25 cents to have your name put on the quilt.  The quilt sold for $40.00.

Tomorrow-Colonial Pineapple

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