Monday, September 23, 2013

Tulip Basket quilt block

Tulip Basket
 May 25,1933-"Tulip designs, whether in boxes, baskets, wreaths or garlands, are part of every quilting enthusiast's collection of patterns.  Here is a new one you needleworkers will want to add to the family."

That's Nancy Cabot's whole column in the Chicago Tribune regarding the Tulip Basket quilt block.

There's an interesting Tulip Basket antique quilt and it's story here.  The border shown is not part of Nancy Cabot's pattern according to the story.

This is a block that uses both piecing and applique.  For my 6" block, I used the fusible applique method for the flowers, leaves and stems and templates for the basket.  You can download a pattern here.

It goes together like this-

The flowers make up half of the block and the basket makes up the other half.  Sew the basket together and sew to the flowers.  My basket fabric is a feedsack!

Tulip Basket can be found in Electric Quilt's Blockbase program as #692.


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