Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tobacco Leaf quilt block

Tobacco Leaf
May 2, 1933-The Tobacco Leaf quilt block originated in Virginia according to Nancy Cabot. She explains that the "sensation created by the introduction of tobacco into England by Sir Walter Raleigh and its immediate popularity there led to the conventionalizing of the tobacco leaf into decorative designs."

Economically, tobacco was very important to the colonies so Nancy felt it wasn't surprising for women to "have been moved by this same inspiration to design a quilt pattern after the fashion of the common tobacco leaf."

As always, she offered a pattern for making a Tobacco Leaf quilt for "5 cents in stamps or coin."

Though I can find examples of Tobacco Leaf quilt blocks, I can not find any that are like Nancy Cabot's block.  You can download an applique pattern that finishes at 6 inches if you want to make this block.

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