Thursday, September 26, 2013

Friendship Dahlia quilt block

Friendship Dahlia
May 28, 1933-The "Friendship Dahlia" quilt was a "very modern design" in 1933 when Nancy Cabot presented it in her Chicago Tribune column. The different prints of the petals "were originally furnished by various friends."  Nancy suggested 'prints or gay little chintz pieces will make a pretty dahlia."

You can see a handwritten copy of Nancy's pattern here.

You can download a 6" version of this applique pattern here.

There are several antique Friendship Dahlia quilts at the Quilt Index.

Here's an example of a Friendship Dahlia quilt at Ann Quilts.  This one has sashing which is different from Nancy Cabot's pattern that calls for the blocks to be set together "block to block" with a 4" border on all sides.  Notice that all of the petals on each flower are made from the same fabric but each flower is a different fabric. I wonder if friends donated fabrics to the maker of this quilt?

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  1. I only get a link when trying to download?

    1. The pattern download is a pdf file. Are you able to open pdf files?

  2. Thanks for sharing! Can you share how you made your leaves so perfect? What method did you use?Thanks so much! Heather

  3. Oh, sorry I meant petals. ;) xo Heather