Sunday, September 29, 2013

Double Irish Chain quilt

Double Irish Chain
May 31, 1933-In contrast to yesterday's  very new block, the Double Irish Chain is a very old pattern. Nancy Cabot said that many quilters feel this block came from Ireland because of it's name but she believed that "it never has been definitely decided just where it did originate."  She stated that the design is "correctly made in combinations of prints and plain colors."

I didn't make this block because I don't think it's one to use in a sampler quilt.  You can find a free pattern for  15" block at Quilter's Cache.

It's a very easy pattern to make.  It's made from two alternating blocks.  One block is a 25 patch block and the other a square with sashing and cornerstones for lack of a better description.

Here's an example of an antique Double Irish Chain quilt from Nancy Cabot's era-

And look at this really scrappy version-

There are several antique Irish Chain quilts to look at here at the Quilt Index.

Tomorrow-True Lover's Knot

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