Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tulip Wreath quilt block

Tulip Wreath
May 30, 1933-"Tulip Wreath" is relatively a newcomer to the tulip family and growing in popularity daily" wrote Nancy Cabot about this applique pattern.

She felt it was an easy block to make and that "it's charm lies in it's originality and simplicity, and in the opportunity it presents for clever color combinations."

I drew this applique block in Electric Quilt but did not make it.

The only example of a Tulip Wreath quilt that I could find is this one.  It sure looks like Nancy Cabot's design to me. I love the triple border.  I wonder if that was part of Nancy's design? This quilt is for sale on ebay.  There are several more photos included in the listing.

Tomorrow-Double Irish Chain

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