Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Jack in the Pulpit quilt block

Jack in the Pulpit
May 5, 1933-The Jack in the Pulpit quilt block is similar to the Swastika and Shoo-fly quilt blocks in the respect that "almost every state in the union claims it as it's own" wrote Nancy Cabot of this early Colonial design.

Here's an image of the block from Hearth and Home introduced in March 1900!  The description with the block says it "may be in two or three colors as one happens to have the pieces."  It was also suggested to be used as an album block "writing name, town, county and state in the white half squares surrounding the center block."

There is a hand written copy of the Jack in the Pulpit pattern from the Progressive Farmer here.  Be sure to check out the second image also.

This is a very easy block to make.  The center is simply a square in a square with a border and the corners are the same pieced triangles we have used in many of Nancy's blocks. I paper pieced my 6" blocks.  I eliminated the miters on the border surrounding the block's center to make it easier to piece. Here are the pieces-

Sew the corners to the center and you're done!

You can download my paper piecing pattern here.  The Jack in the Pulpit block can also be found in Electric Quilt's BlockBase program as #2473.

Here are 3 links to antique Jack in the Pulpit quilts at The Quilt Index-
with sashing
alternate plain blocks
another with sashing

Here's one set on point with alternating plain blocks from Michigan State University's museum-

Ducks in the Pond  ca. 1870
Tomorrow-Single Wedding Ring

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