Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Colonial Pineapple quilt block

Colonial Pineapple
June 2, 1933-"From the days way back when pineapples were luxuries and cloth was scarce and each tiny scrap of material was treasured for the quilt bag comes this pattern, "Colonial Pineapple" wrote Nancy Cabot of the block she was introducing on this day eighty years ago.  The pattern sold for "5 cents in stamp or coin" as did all of her patterns to this date.

Though this pattern was originally pieced from many different fabrics, Nancy suggested that it "is far prettier if the blocks are made uniformly of two colors."

There is a scrappy version and a two color version of the Colonial Pineapple quilt at the Quilt Index.  I really like this one too.    I would love to post the photos instead of providing a link but I can't.  The Quilt Index does not allow you to post their images without permission and I don't have the time or energy to ask them for permission for every photo I would like to show you.

This is another block that I did not make because I don't want it for my sampler quilt.  I did make a paper pieced pattern for the Colonial Pineapple block however which you can download here if you want to make the block as a 6" block.

The Pineapple block is still a very popular block today.  I love this Perky Pineapple quilt from Inspired Layers-

This block is so popular that you can find many ways to make it-

Here's a free pattern from Eleanor Burns of Quilt in a Day-

Here's a video showing how to make a Pineapple block using 2 1/2" wide strips also known as a jelly roll.  It's called Pineapple Jelly.

Here's a free paper pieced pattern from Quilter's Cache for a 15" block.  There are also templates available here to make it in the more traditional way.

Here's a video demonstrating a very different modern approach to making the Pineapple block called Pineapple Plus.

Here's a written tutorial showing how to make the block a little wonky.

There are even more ways to make this block and several books and patterns available.  Do a  little research to find which technique you might like to try!

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