Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mountain Pink quilt block

Mountain Pink
June 3, 1933-The Mountain Pink quilt block "must have been inspired by the spicy pink, which grows in the nooks and crannies" of the Rocky Mountain area where this block originated wrote Nancy Cabot.  She said "there is a gay charm about this prim little pattern" and suggested it be pieced in "a dainty pink print, with the petals tipped with green."

There is a copy of this pattern, from 1930,  with slightly different proportions than Nancy Cabot's block here.  Go to image 15.

You can download my pattern here.

I made my 6" block using both paper piecing and templates.  This are the basic parts of the block-

The pink and white sections are paper pieced.  The other pieces are cut from templates.  When sewing your pieces together, make two halves and attach the background corner pieces to each half before sewing a final seam across the middle.

This is what the quilt would look like if made according to the instructions of the antique quilt pattern from 1930 mentioned above.

Tomorrow-Missouri Daisy

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