Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Young Man's Fancy quilt block

Young Man's Fancy quilt block
February 12, 1933-Young Man's Fancy was the block of the day in Nancy Cabot's Chicago Tribune column. She believed it to be a pattern from the 18th century and that it had been handed down with no name change until "a few years ago a young quiltmaker renamed it "Goose in the Pond" but it is most popularly known by it's original title." I wonder who she is talking about.

She says this "quilt requires more than usual amount of work but the alternation of color is most effective." I agree with her assessment that this is a hard block to make.  It has 75 pieces!!

That's some pretty tiny pieces in a 6 inch block! But, I paper pieced it and it went together quite easily.  It's a great one to use up little scraps.

Here are the sections, at the right, that are paper pieced first.

The photo below shows how to finish the piecing by creating rows.

The templates can be found here.


1.  Iron the seams of the little nine patch rows open.
2.  Starching your fabric will make it easier to handle the small pieces.
3.  Color your diagram to make fabric placement easier.

Tomorrow-Autumn Leaves

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  1. I'm not able to download the templates for the "Young Man's Fancy quilt block".