Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tennessee Circles quilt block

Tennessee Circles quilt block
February 14, 1933-"Puzzling Circles Are New Idea in Quilt Patterns" was the title of Nancy Cabot's Chicago Tribune column on this day.  She was referring to the Tennessee Circles quilt block also known as Tennessee Puzzle.

It took me a little bit to know what circles she was talking about.  She says that as each block is joined, more and more circles appear and lose the original block.  I drew it up in Electric Quilt and this is what I got using 12 blocks-

Tennessee Circles quilt

I love this block!  I think I'll have to make a whole quilt of it but not as six inch blocks, maybe twelve or fifteen inch ones!

There are just two basic templates to this block and you make four of each of them.  You can download the pattern for the six inch version here.

It can be found in BlockBase as #3083.

This is how it goes together-

Tennessee Circles block  parts

Tomorrow-Windblown Star

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  1. Oooo I love this one! I wonder if you might be willing to share a jumbo version of it (if you make one)? I agree that a whole quilt of these would be amazing :)