Saturday, February 9, 2013

Prairie Queen quilt block

Prairie Queen quilt block
February 9, 1933-"Illinois Regarded as Birthplace of "Prairie Queen" was the title of Nancy Cabot's Chicago Tribune column this day.  Prairie Queen quilt block that is.

She didn't have a lot to say this day just that "Early quilts were nearly always pieced in the yellow and brown shades of gingham and calico, symbolic of the harvest.  The field of golden grain doubtless inspired the design."

This block is so easy you don't need to download a pattern today!  It is available in BlockBase as #1656 but the four patches are going different directions.

Again, I made a 6" finished block.

At the left are the units you need to make this block-

4 half square triangles-finish at 2" so 2 1/2" is shown
4 four patches-finish at 2" so 2 1/2" is shown
1 2 1/2" square of background fabric

Note- the four patches can be made from 1 1/2" squares or strips

Sew the units together like the block above and you are done!

UPDATE- My block is made according to the block Nancy Cabot published.  I agree that it just looks wrong but here it is as she published it-

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  1. I think some of your four patches need turning.

  2. Yes, either turn both the top and left 4-patches 1 turn counter clock wise or turn the bottom and right 4-patches 1 turn counter clockwise. The white is supposed to make a sort of pinwheel in the center.
    Nice job on the accurate piecing.