Sunday, February 17, 2013

David and Goliath quilt block

David and Goliath quilt block
February 17,1933-The David and Goliath quilt block was designed in 1782 in New England according to Nancy Cabot.  She published this quilt pattern 80 years ago today in the Chicago Tribune.

She said the block has also been called Doe and Darts and Four Darts "because the blocks in each corner look more like darts than stones."

The pattern sold for "5 cents in stamps or coin" as did all of her patterns up to that point.

You can find a pattern for a six inch block here.

This block goes together much like the Cactus Basket quilt block, the very first block that Nancy Cabot published.

Here are the basic steps to make this block-

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  1. I'm making a quilt for my grandson and his future bride. This is the most difficult block I've ever made. I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm getting ready to quilt it. I'm stumped as to what quilt design to use. Any suggestions? Thank you