Saturday, November 16, 2013

Flying Swallows quilt block

Flying Swallows
June 16, 1933-The Flying Swallows quilt pattern originated in 1830 in Long Island, New York according to Nancy Cabot.  It was pieced in red and white in those days she explained.  The design is "four swallows with wings outspread" she wrote.

The Flying Swallows block is a variation of the Wandering Foot or Turkey Tracks block from February 5, 1933.  The addition of the diamond in the center of the block is the only difference. The Mississippi Oak Leaves quilt block from April 5, 1933 is yet another variation but more complicated.

Since this block is so similar to the blocks mentioned above, I didn't make it.  You can download the pattern for it here if you wish to make it though.  Piece the center of the block and then follow this wonderful tutorial at Scrappy n Happy.  The block can also be found in Electric Quilt's Blockbase program as #3107.

There is a Flying Swallows block made exactly as Nancy described it here and a quilt made from this block here. The quilt was made as a friendship quilt. Names are embroidered or written in ink in the center of each block. A year is included with each name showing the quilt was made in the 1860's! The quilt also has some very interesting sashing between the blocks.

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