Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hollyhock Wreath quilt pattern

Hollyhock Wreath
June 14, 1933-The Hollyhock Wreath was the pattern introduced by Nancy Cabot eighty years ago today.

She said it is an old design that originated in the south where hollyhocks are seen in every garden.

She recommended each wreath be made a different color. "All the gay yellows, pinks, orchids, reds, and purples of the hardy hollyhocks, and their intermediate shades, can be used in piecing the "Hollyhock Wreath" she wrote.

There is a copy of her original pattern here at the Quilt Index.  Her block finished at 16" square.  Her Hollyhock Wreath quilt was to be made from 20 blocks with 3" wide sashing and a 6" border.  She also called out yellow for the center of each flower.

I also found a quilt made with Nancy's block here.

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  1. Pretty block. Like it better as a block rather than a full quilt. Would work good as a pillow, maybe.