Monday, November 25, 2013

Seth Thomas Rose quilt block

Seth Thomas Rose
June 25, 1933-The Seth Thomas Rose quilt pattern gets it's name from a rose design painted on the glass door of a clock.  Nancy Cabot wrote that "the design, although enlarged for quilt purposes, is identical with the clock decoration.  And in most quilts of this pattern we find even the original colors used."  The original colors were "brilliant reds and greens."

Nancy explained that Seth Thomas clocks were "a part of every pioneer family's household goods."

There is an old pattern, not Nancy Cabot's, called Seth Thomas Rose here.  It does vary a little from Nancy's pattern but it is the only example I can find.

There is one quilt in the Quilt Index called Seth Thomas Rose. It is a much simpler pattern than the one Nancy Cabot was selling however.

There is a little history about the block at Material Culture if want to read more.

I didn't make this block.  It was hard enough to draw!

Tomorrow-California Rose

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