Saturday, November 23, 2013

Rocky Mountain Puzzle quilt block

Rocky Mountain Puzzle
June 22, 1933-The Rocky Mountain Puzzle block started out being called Mountain Puzzle when it was originally designed in the hills of Kentucky according to Nancy Cabot in her Chicago Tribune column.

She also noted that it was called Ozark Mountains in the state of Missouri but became more commonly known as Rocky Mountain Puzzle because "it was in the Rocky mountain section that it finally established and maintained residence.

The pattern was sold for "5 cents in stamp or coin" and were ordered through the Chicago Tribune as all of her patterns to date have been.

Here's a fun, bright modern version of a Rocky Mountain Puzzle quilt here at a little gray.  Novelty prints are used in the center of the block which I think is a great idea!  Makes a fun little I Spy quilt without having to collect so many novelty print fabrics.

Here's another version, set on point with sashing and cornerstones at Lisa Bongean's Weblog. (It's at the bottom of her post.)

Such different looks but I love them both!  It's a super simple block to make even at the 6" size I am using for this sewalong.  You just need to make ten half square triangle blocks that will finish at 1 1/2" using any method you like, cut three 2" squares of background fabric for the corners and center, and cut 1 1/4" wide strips to border the center 2" square.  It doesn't really matter how you add the strips to the center as long as the center finishes at 3". Put the pieces together in rows like this-

Super easy! A pattern for an 8" block can be found at Quilters Cache if you want to make a larger size.

Tomorrow-Golden Rose of Virginia


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