Monday, November 18, 2013

Queen's Crown quilt block

Queen's Crown
June 18, 1933-The Queen's Crown quilt pattern comes from the hills of Tennessee where Nancy Cabot believed that the women "tiring of the old quilt patterns and unable to secure new ones, simply designed their own by combining two or more of the old ones."

I didn't make this block.  The little nine patch block in the corners would finish at 1.2" in a 6" block and each square would finish as .4". too small for me!

Nancy's original pattern can be seen here. It calls for a 15" block, which I think is a more appropriate size for the Queen's Crown block, and there are directions for making a 15" block here.

The quilt layout below is a layout shown with those block directions.

Queen's Crown quilt
There are directions and a video for making a lap size quilt here.  It's made from one giant block!

The Queen's Crown block can be found in Electric Quilt's Blockbase  program as #1818.

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