Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Prosperity Block quilt block

prosperity 6 inch block
Prosperity Block
June 7, 1933-"The "Prosperity Block," if there is any power in suggestion, should be a valuable addition to your quilt collection" wrote Nancy Cabot when presenting this block.  I know I would welcome a little more prosperity so I made this block.  Maybe a whole quilt made of Prosperity Blocks would be better?

Nancy goes on to suggest using "bright, cheerful colors and prints" to achieve "a gayety which even the most pessimistic will appreciate."

In making my 6" block, I placed the solids and prints as Nancy showed them in her Chicago Tribune column eighty years ago.

This block can be found in Electric Quilt's Blockbase program as #1779.  I modified the drawing a little
to make it easier to paper piece at this small scale.  You can download my paper piecing pattern here.

prosperity block parts

I decided to construct this block as a nine patch block.  These are the pieces of the block as I made them.  The center section on the bottom row has been sewn together to show what each side's center block looks like when sewn.  I sewed three blocks together to make a row, made three rows and sewed the rows together.  It doesn't matter if your rows are sewn together horizontally or vertically.

(The colors in this photo are way off for some reason! The block above shows the colors more accurately. Soft peach and dusty blue.)

This is another quilt that I have not been able to find any antique examples of so I designed this layout in
Electric Quilt 7.

Tomorrow-Texas Tulip

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