Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mexican Star quilt block

Mexican Star
June 19, 1933-The Mexican Star "is an easy one to piece" wrote Nancy Cabot about today's quilt pattern in her Chicago Tribune column eighty years ago.

Star patterns were so popular that the Mexican Star pattern "was borrowed from Mexico" even though "domestic star patterns are almost innumerable" she wrote.

Eleanor Burns has a tutorial for making a 16" Mexican Star block here.

There are several quilts made with Mexican Star blocks at The Quilt Index.  Here are some links-
sashing and cornerstoones
no sashing
wide sashing
multiple sashing

I put my 6" block together the same way Eleanor Burns' tutorial shows but using templates which you can download.  Here are all the pieces of the block  in various stages all in the same block-

There are several ways the pieces can be sewn together.  I chose to make each half of the block from the three units I show in the upper right hand corner of the photo but sew them together any way that makes sense to you.

The block can be found in Electric Quilt's Blockbase program as #2937.

Tomorrow-Japanese Lantern

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