Thursday, November 21, 2013

Japanese Lantern quilt block

Japanese Lantern
June 20, 1933-Interesting Quilt Will Utilize All Small Remnants was the title of Nancy Cabot's column introducing the Japanese Lantern quilt pattern.

It was a new design and is both pieced and appliqued. The center lantern is pieced from diamonds and then appliqued to the pieced background.

She said, "it will enable the needleworker to use the many small scraps of prints left over from other quilting bees."

You can see a copy of Nancy's pattern here. The blocks are to be 12" finished. It calls for 20 pieced blocks and 12 plain blocks set on point with a 6" border on all sides.

There is an interesting quilt here with Japanese Lantern blocks set on point and another variation here without the cornerstones.

This is another block I decided not to make for my sampler.


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