Tuesday, November 26, 2013

California Rose quilt block

California Rose
June 26, 1933-"California Rose" is not at all like a rose in construction, but if made in various shades of rose or yellow, with the star points in green, the resemblance to a large individual rose is clear." This sentence was all Nancy Cabot had to say about the California Rose quilt block in her Chicago Tribune column eighty years ago.

I was able to find a copy of Nancy's original pattern here and an even older pattern, entitled Rose Album, from the Ladies Art Company here.  The latter pattern is pieced while Nancy's pattern is an applique pattern.

I really like the look of this block but it is not an easy one and I'm not really sure how I would put it together. I decided not to try to make a 6" block for my sampler. I do hope to attempt a larger size at some point though.  If you've made this block, please let me know how!

The California Rose block can be found in Electric Quilt's Blockbase  program as #3651.

There are a couple of California Rose quilts here and here that have very different looks.

This is how Nancy's version might look-


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