Sunday, May 18, 2014

Spiced Pinks quilt block

Spiced Pinks
November 21, 1933-Virginia Offers "Spiced" Flower for Quilt Block was the title of Nancy Cabot's column in the Chicago Tribune today introducing the pattern for her Spiced Pinks applique quilt pattern.

"The delicate little pink found in every old fashioned Virginia garden inspired this quilt pattern which originated, by the way, in that southern state. It's a dainty design and makes up most effectively in combinations of plain pink and pink prints," wrote Nancy and that was her entire column on the Spiced Pinks quilt pattern.

Nancy had previously introduced her Mountain Pink quilt pattern that was also inspired by the spicy pink flower on June 3, 1933.

I can't find a copy of Nancy's Spiced Pinks pattern or any quilts made from it but I did find this pattern by The Progressive Farmer that is very similar.

Tomorrow-Decorated Basket

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